13530 Northgate Estates Drive, Suite 110 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921


Jamie S.
What a relaxing and welcoming environment! Wonderful and caring staff. So many great services they offer so I’ll be sure and revisit again and again!
Michelle C.
Love everyone at this place. The staff is knowledgeable and accommodating!
Chere E.
Lynn M.
Wow, this place is awesome! My first time in, Gabe spent time explaining the process and with ease put my IV in for the Immunity IV Infusion. I relaxed while I received my infusion; it was actually a comfortable experience! While there, Gabe took extra time to teach me about Ozone Therapy as well as the other therapy's that are offered. It was clear to me that this business exists to truly aid people back to wellness and even beyond. Later that day, I felt so good, slept so deeply, and woke up still feeling the amazing benefits of the IV infusion. I have a membership now and look forward to my future visits. Thank you Gabe (Steven too!) at Hydration and Wellness Bar!
Trish M.
Great experience. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The space is attractive and comfortable. I had ozone and amino acid injection and it was super easy and no discomfort. I’m So glad I was turned on to this much needed alternative modality.
Ryan N.
Debbie M.
Super people who are very knowledgeable and helpful. I keep going back and am very grateful for all the assistance I receive to build my immune system. DM
Madison K.
My family and I have been coming here for over a year. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and the services we receive always has us feeling our best. I would recommend HWB to anyone!
Steven M.
The whole staff were a gift to my treatment. The giving of care in the fullness of providing me a healing touch was established from the moment I walked through the doors till I left. Thank you and peace on your house.
Maddy J.
I love going to HWB! The staff is so engaging and informational. I always feel so good after using their products!
The staff at Wellness + Hydration are amazing! The make you feel so important as soon as you walk in the door. They are truly kind and caring. They listen to everything you say and make sure that you are good when you walk out the door. They are the best!
Jennifer S.
The staff are so kind and attentive, and their care is top notch. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Molly U.
This was SO helpful for me postpartum! I was lucky to have a HWB Nurse come to my house after I gave birth. The Oakley & Glutathione definitely hit the spot for replenishment. I had noticeably more energy and better sleep. I felt very comfortable and safe knowing they only have experienced Nurses who provide their IV therapy. I highly recommend HWB!
Marsh D.
Excellent service and products. Gabe and Steven, RNs, fantastic customer service, very informative and outstanding patient care.
Emmett M.
Friendly and educated staff!! Comfotable, clean and recommend !!!!
Maritza H.
My health has significantly improved since visiting Hydration & Wellness Bar. I signed up for their monthly membership about a year ago with a back injury and to strengthen my immune system as I travel for work. My back is getting stronger and I feel healthier with my travel schedule. Gabe is a great resource and so knowledgeable. I started to bring my mom for treatment too. Her inflamation decreased and her eye pain has significantly improved. THANK YOU HWB Team for taking so great care of us as a family!
Lisa R.
garrett D.
Great place with great staff! Highly recommend!
Anthony H.
Hydration + wellness bar is the place to go it's legit and service is great Jamye is amazing running a small business and raising a 5 year old
Pamela G.
I always walk out of HWB feeling good inside and out. The staff is so knowledgeable and the service is outstanding. I feel like I’m doing something that is exceptional for my health. I walk out free from pain and stress and looking forward to my next visit. Amazing place run by amazing people.
john Z.
Generally my first stop when I return to the springs and monument areas. I've been visiting the hydration wellness bar since January of 2022. The top notch services provided by extremely competent and professional staff keeps me coming back. My favorite services are Oakley Plus and IR Sauna. Thank you all at Hydration+ Wellness Bar for providing wonderful services that contribute to my health and wellness. I will be back soon.
B R.
SO happy with Hydration Wellness Bar! Gabe is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, it is a delight to work with him and the team. Ida
Bethany S.
Every time I have been in the employees are very professional and caring. The environment is very calming and there are so many options to choose from to help my health. Love this place!
Jacob O.
I love the services they offer and the staff is very professional and friendly. That also make getting a monthly membership worth it
Kevin B.
Super caring staff and healing environment! Love it here!This is Cynthia;)
Stacy M.
My life has genuinely improved since I found this place! The staff are all amazing, and the services offered are fabulous! In our broken healthcare system----this just makes sense!
Becky C
My first visit I went in for an Oakley Immune Boost to help with recovering from the flu. Everyone there was extremely helpful and full of information. I eventually signed up as a member and can't say enough good things about the group of people that work here. They are friendly and helpful, and the membership offers so many extras. I love the infrared sauna and always leave feeling better than I arrive.
Danielle R.
Best IV place ever! I’ve been all over & they really are the best of the best! They really listen to you & customize your drip specifically for you. They really care & want to help! I love this place!
Kelly S.
I am amazed at how much better I feel every time I visit. The staff is great and makes me feel comfortable and well cared for. I encourage you to give it a try!
Mary Jo L.
The environment is so nurturing and caring! The amazing young lady that started my IV today was so professional and sweet!Gabe is so knowledgeable and patientThank you for always having my best interest in mind!
Tami U.
After getting Covid in late 2021, during the year 2022 I had multiple colds which was unusual for me. I began receiving the $35 immunity injection. Since then I have not had one single cold. My husband had a bad cold for 10 days and I was around someone else who had Covid. I did not have even a sniffle. At this point in time I only get the immunity injection if I feel like I might need it as a boost. Certainly not on a regular basis. The staff is wonderful. The service is awesome. I fully stand by the immunity injections.
Michael F.
Great staff and customer service. The infusions, infrared sauna, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber are all well worth it for the benefits they give. I get an infusion anytime I’m sick or in a stressful season where I need an additional boost to my immune system.Thank you Hydration + Wellness Bar!
Emily C
Abby S.
Chase K.
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and just a great environment to hangout in!
Madison J.
I love going to HWB. The staff is always so helpful and friendly! This place is a one stop shop for all things wellness!!!
Kisa H.
HWB is great! the vitamins have helped me stay healthier over the winter months. Everyone is helpful and caring.
Jessica F.
I cannot say enough about the entire staff here at The Hydration & Wellness Bar. It is so refreshing to come here. I’m always greeted with smiles and the team makes me feel so special. They truly care about your well-being!I mostly utilize the infrared sauna for its detoxing & rejuvenating health benefits. The room is always clean and bright, as well as the entire wellness center. AND, my appointments are always on time. No waiting!I have also taken advantage of some IV and injection therapies. It’s a wonderful & safe way to strengthen your immune system, help you reach your peak athletic potential and supercharge your energy levels.As a holistic wellness practitioner, I pride myself in treating each individual’s unique needs. Each individual differs in their needs as a result of their external and internal factors; like the foods we eat, our emotional thoughts, lifestyle patterns, and our surrounding physical environment. What nourishes me the best, may be “completely” different than what nourishes others best. Some clients I meet with know exactly what they should and should not do to feel their best. Others have their assumptions but have not yet confirmed any intolerances. This is where knowledge comes into place and why I am confident that the team here at The Hydration and Wellness Bar will be able to help you navigate your challenges to reach your specific goals!So if you have been thinking about trying IV supplementation/injections, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), Infrared Sauna, and much more, this is the place for you!
Regan K.
Denny S.
The staff is so caring, kind & knowledgeable and the products are very helpful.
Bethany R.
This place is the best! Such a hidden gem. Their iv treatment is clutch and you don’t have to go to the er. It’s an incredible gift. The owners are amazing! I’ve done the HBOT, IV and micro blading. All amazing!!!
Megan P.
Absolutely the best! Such an insane value for what you get- having an unlimited sauna with the membership is my favorite part.
Marcena S.
This is such a helpful caring place. I cannot recommend it highly enough. M.smith
Randy B.
Great staff always ! They care for you! Thanks for being a part of our community! 5 stars
Abigail W.
Love this clinic! I got my first IV here and I am hooked. It has a great atmosphere and everyone is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Evan W.
This was my first time and I get incredibly better after. Like I was back at sea level and felt hydrated.
Deanna A.
Visited Hydration Wellness after catching a cold, and then catching covid within a week of one another. Was beyond ran down.They were so attentive and caring to my situation. Staff RN made an IV recommendation, and staff checked on me throughout the process.I was amazed how much better I felt the following day! Huge turnaround in under 24 hours. Thank you Hydration Wellness team..
Maria T.
My husband and I have been members for 5 months and love the monthly IV, unlimited red light sauna and now free rotating vitamin injections monthly that come with membership! It is such a great value. Everyone is amazing at Hydration Wellness, and I love all the options available supporting health and wellness. Anytime I have a sick kid I run and get an immune injection!
Erica H.
The IV infusions are AMAZING. I felt so much better after completing mine. Kailey at the Castle Rock location did awesome! I did a bogo infusion with my fiancé and got him hooked and ready to go back. Cannot way to try the injections and some of the other IV’s. I would 100% recommend this place.😍
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